Yuri and his Capcom teammates try their best at fighting one of MHGen's flagship monsters, the fearsome Astalos.

Monster Hunter Generations: Watch a team style on the electric wyvern of the Fated Four

Yuri and his Capcom teammates try their best at fighting one of MHGen's flagship monsters, the fearsome Astalos.

A new gameplay trailer came out yesterday for Monster Hunter Generations, demonstrating one of the title’s new flagship monsters, the Astalos. The game is set to release this summer on July 15th, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS handhelds. In this clip, Associate Online/Community Specialist Yuri Araujo and his fellow Capcom crew members attempt to take down the electric wyvern while demonstrating new and updated techniques.

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For example, mounting in MHGen has changed to be more team-focused. Previously in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, the mounting mechanic was introduced where if a player lands a few jumping hits, they can launch themselves on top of the monster and attempt to make it fall by succeeding in a mounting mini-game.

In the mini-game, the player holds on to the monster and tries to stab its back to increase the bar, but if the little dragon head icon exceeds the bar, the player gets thrown off instead. If the bar maxes out, then the monster falls, and everyone else capitalizes on a free opening.

Mounting can be a difficult challenge for the more aggressive varieties…

The main complaint about the mounting mechanic was that a player could be tossed off if the monster was damaged in any way, especially if a teammate decided to give the beastie a few more swings. This meant when a hunter mounts in MH4U, the other party members have to stand around and wait for the mini-game to finish. 

Mounts only take a few seconds to complete (or fail), but it’s still a disruption of team synergy. In Monster Hunter Generations, the mounting mechanic has been updated so that the other members can attack and help the mounted player take the monster down. To balance this, the mounting bar also takes longer to fill, encouraging team members to help quicken the throw down. It still takes a few seconds to do, but now instead of standing around, players can join in on the mounting fun. How’s that for teamwork?

Check out more details in the gameplay video here:

For those unaware, Monster Hunter Generations is a hunting action game developed by Capcom. It was released in Japan last year as Monster Hunter X. The game is set to release internationally this summer, along with a confirmed spot in Nintendo’s E3 coverage on Tuesday June 14th.

Are you excited for Monster Hunter Generations? How do you feel about the new and changed mechanics? Let us know in the comments below!

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