More updates are coming to Street Fighter V -- this time regarding online matchmaking

More Updates for Street Fighter V Are Coming Next Week

More updates are coming to Street Fighter V -- this time regarding online matchmaking
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Even after the first major update to Street Fighter V, players are still having issues with the game. The development team has responded to this with another update – this time to “Matchmaking”.

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A Capcom employee under the name of haunts tweeted today that new updates on Street Fighter V’s matchmaking system will be coming next week. These updates include:

Matchmaking Preference Improvements

Since the game launched, some users have reported having issues with the matchmaking preferences. According to the announcement:

“This [included] hardware preference settings, connection quality settings and being match with other players far outside of your League Point range. These issues have now been resolved.”

Matchmaking Speed

Occasionally, players’ League Points weren’t synchronizing across the servers, which led to longer wait times to find a match. With the new update, users will be able to find matches at a much faster rate.

Overall Matchmaking Improvements

Players have been having issues getting matched with players of similar skill level. The update has improved the logic for the system so that players should get matched with similarly skilled players more often. This also includes improvements to location based matchmaking and an increased range of qualified match candidates.

Online Match Quality

The final update focuses on the quality of online matches. The connection range settings (1-5) have been improved and “should more accurately reflect the quality of incoming matches.”  

Do you think these updates are enough to give players the multiplayer experience they deserve? Let me know in the comments!

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