Mortal Kombat 1 Kombat Kast Gives More Details on Invasion Mode

Here's how NRS designers broke down the details of Invasion Mode in a recent Mortal Kombat 1 Kombat Kast.

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On the September 13 Kombat Kast livestream, Netherrealm senior systems designer Derek Kirtzic provided a breakdown of how the forthcoming Mortal Kombat 1 will treat its Invasions. This is seasonal content for a single player that will provide one-of-a-kind costumes, cosmetics, and other unlocks for your MK1 collection.

MK1 Kombat Kast Details How Invasion Mode Works

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A big new feature for MK1 is Invasions, a new gameplay mode meant to work a bit like an RPG. You’ll travel across several unique maps, which lets you freely explore many of MK1’s background stages to level up characters, collect equipment like talismans, and get into fights. In addition, nodes on the map might contain challenges like the old Test Your Might minigame.

Kirtzic has spent much of his development time on Invasions. They’re planned as rotating seasonal content, and each season represents someone attacking the New Era from another timeline. Each new season is free online content for MK1, with no battle pass involved.

In the first season, The Spectre, the original Scorpion comes to Liu Kang’s timeline in search of a living version of his wife Harumi.

As shown in Scorpion’s MK11 arcade ending, however, unknown powers have made Harumi’s death a multiversal constant… until the New Era, where he and Harumi never met. Worse, by the time Scorpion arrives, Harumi has gotten married to the current Scorpion, Kuai Liang. Scorpion, who’s never been known for his anger management, immediately decides to burn down the New Era.

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The subsequent Invasion lets you pick any character from MK1‘s roster and take them on a journey across the Fire Temple. You’ll want to be at the maximum level of 30 before you challenge Scorpion himself, and your victory will come with a unique cinematic ending.

In Scorpion’s Invasion, you’ll be able to earn new items, like fire-themed cosmetic gear for all your characters. These are timed events, so the window will eventually close, but Kirtzic noted that the themed Invasions will eventually repeat.

They also aren’t mandatory if you’re looking for certain unlocks. There are multiple paths in MK1 for earning items and gear, including a new feature called Character Mastery. “If you like to play Sub-Zero,” Kirtzic said, “you will unlock stuff for Sub-Zero by playing Sub-Zero.”

That’s what we learned about Invasion mode in MK1’s last Kombat Kast before release. As we warm up for the game’s launch, stay tuned for more.

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