New Dead Rising 3 Trailer Released

Good to see that Capcom Vancouver is keeping with the humorous side of the zombie apocalypse in their new trailer for Dead Rising 3.
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The Dead Rising series of survival horror games is known for several reasons and one of those reasons is its comical approach to the zombie apocalypse. Capcom Vancouver and Microsoft Studios seem to be continuing that trend with the release of a new Dead Rising 3 trailer.

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The Trailer

The trailer that was released is actually a CG video done by the folks at Blur Studios.  It is a little disappointing in that it is a CG video versus actual gameplay, but the video looks great so it is hard to complain.  For those that have not seen the trailer, there is some language at the beginning of the video and there is also blood and gore throughout. Which is probably what fans of the series were expecting.  


Fans of Dead Rising 2 will be happy to see that players can still craft items together to make powerful weapons. I mean, did you see that motorcycle/steamroller hybrid with flamethrowers attached to the sides? No word on whether that beautiful piece of work will be an in-game vehicle or not, but that is not going to stop people from hoping (myself included).

Another interesting part of the trailer is the zombie with the shotgun. Zombie hordes are usually dangerous enough as it is and a zombie with a gun is probably no safer.  Usually zombies were not a huge threat unless they were within an arm’s length of you, but this is next-gen so why not let zombies use guns now?

Remember that part about Dead Rising’s comic approach to the zombie apocalypse?  Well, if the trailer is any inclination then Dead Rising 3 will not disappoint gamers by being the super-serious game of the series. The first 20 seconds of the video were a little unexpected but continue to show that zombies do not have to be completely scary all the time.

Dead Rising 3 is going to be an Xbox One exclusive title when the next-gen console releases sometime this Fall, and is going to be a strong selling point for that system.  Because Dead Rising 3 is only going to be released for the Xbox One, no official release date has been set but gamers can expect to get their hands on the game sometime in November 2013.

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