New Eden Open Final Match 1: The Big Opener

The initial bout of the New Eden Open final between Asine Hitama's team and RONIN and pixies

The opening match saw Asine Hitama’s team field a trademark logistics-free fleet led by three Golem marauder-class battleships armed with cruise missile launchers and a wing of small ships in support. RONIN and pixies had opted for a more balanced armada of Sleipnir battlecruiser command ships with Cyclone battlecruiser backup and a supporting Scimitar logistics cruiser and assorted smaller ships. 

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Early positioning saw Asine Hitama’s team attempt to keep range whilst the RONIN ships looked to close the gap. Cruise missiles streaked across the field, worrying the Scimitar cruiser – a ship vital to RONIN and pixies team survival. But it was a RONIN Harpy assault ship that suddenly fell under fire as the frigate battle was joined and Asine Hitama’s team fell upon the Scimitar. The resulting skirmish failed to save the Scimitar, but at the cost of almost all of Asine Hitama’s team‘s frigates.

With the score almost tied at 17-19 approaching the five minute mark, the first RONIN Sleipnir falls, swinging the points significantly in Asine Hitama’s team‘s favour despite them only having three ships left. RONIN and pixies‘ remaining ships had neither the damage output to take down the Golems, nor the resilience to withstand the incessant barrage of cruise missiles. The remaining time ticked down as the RONIN and pixies were helplessly whittled down.

Match Score: Asine Hitama’s team 70 – 19 RONIN and pixies

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