New Eden Open Final Match 2: Advantage Asine Hitama's team

With $6000 on the line, RONIN and pixies need a win against Asine Hitama's team to keep in contention in the New Eden Open PvP tournament.

Faced with the possibility of letting the $6,000 prize slip through their fingers, RONIN and pixies needed to turn their fortunes around quickly. As a result they opted for a squad led by a Widow ECM battleship and battlecruiser escort in the shape of a Vulture command ship and a Cyclone, along with the usual logistics and small ship support. Asine Hitama's team chose a hard-hitting triple Sleipnir command battlecruiser setup with frigate support.

Early ECM streams flickered across the battlefield from the RONIN Widow, stifling Asine Hitama's team's damage projection as the teams cautiously vied for position. An early exchange of fire between a the RONIN bait Sabre and Asine Hitama's team frigates saw no ships destroyed as the RONIN logistics cruiser kept the destroyer in the match. Then, the fleets collided and Electronic Warfare was applied across the field. First blood was to RONIN as an Asine Hitama's team Kitsune ECM frigate fell.

Asine Hitama's team twin Sabres teased for a cagey few minutes, but eventually one exploded and the other nursed heavy structure damage before also falling. Asine Hitama's team concentrated fire on the RONIN Basilisk logistics cruiser, managing to reduce it to low armour before its ancillary shield booster saved it. Another Kitsune loss for Asine Hitama's team left them 17 points down without reply and their fleet slowly crumbled thereafter. A decisive and much needed victory for RONIN and pixies.

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Match Score: Asine Hitama's team 0 – 70 RONIN and pixies


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Published Sep. 8th 2017

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