We delve into what's known about Google's mysterious gaming console and streaming service known as "Yeti."

New Information Unveiled on Google’s Console and Streaming Service

We delve into what's known about Google's mysterious gaming console and streaming service known as "Yeti."
This article is over 6 years old and may contain outdated information

Reports from The Information suggest that Google is creating both a games console and games streaming service that is estimated to be released sometime in 2018. Codenamed “Yeti,” Google’s new project will be taking on new territory and hoping to break into the console market in a massive way.

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The source suggests that the console and streaming service were set for release in 2017 but were pushed back partly so that Google can rely on faster and more reliable internet for the 2018 launch. It has been predicted that the streaming service will launch first, with the console following shortly thereafter.

Could Google Yeti be brewing behind the glass facade?

Many outlets and sources have indicated that Google is making a direct attempt to compete with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo for a share of the ever-growing gaming market. As reported by The Verge, “bolstering the prospects for game streaming is Google’s hiring last month of gaming industry veteran Phil Harrison, who’s spent years in the upper ranks of both PlayStation and Xbox.” 

This suggests that Google is trying hard to compete with the major console competition and should be releasing a console on a similar level to the three market leaders. 


It is also uncertain whether developers will be remastering or making games for this new addition to the market. All in all, the details of the upcoming console and streaming service are exceedingly limited. Stick with GameSkinny, and we’ll keep you updated on every development.

What do you think of Yeti thus far? Is there anything you would like to see Google do with their console and streaming service? Let us know in the comments below.

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