Everything you need to know about Overwatch's new hero, Orisa.

New Overwatch Character, Orisa, Delivers Mechanical Death

Everything you need to know about Overwatch's new hero, Orisa.
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Today Overwatch rolled out its new patch, alongside the new hero Orisa. Falling into the tank category of heroes, she brings mechanical death with her in the form of four new abilities and her primary weapon the Fusion Driver — but notably won’t be available for competitive play for one week following the launch.

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How Orisa Delivers Mechanical Death on the Battlefield

The Fusion Driver itself has an extremely high rate of fire, and an ammo capacity of 150 bullets before needing to be reloaded. While overall it doesn’t deal much damage, it’s fine considering Orisa’s primary role as a tank, thus being built around becoming the focus of enemies and taking damage. To help aid in this she can throw a device down and deploy a protective barrier on the fly, which can take a decent amount of damage before being broken, useful for defending your fellow team mates in choke points on the map itself.

She can also use an ability known as “Fortify” — which allows her to take less damage, as well as being unable to be stopped. Say for example Roadhog tries to hook you or you’re caught in the vicinity of Mei’s blizzard ultimate, none of this will affect Orisa while Fortify is enabled, perfect for trying to stay on a point during the last few potential round winning seconds.

Orisa also has an ability known as “HALT!” — which is the secondary fire for the Fusion Driver, allowing her to shoot a “graviton charge.” If you detonate it close enough to enemies, it will pull them towards to it, perfect for syncing up someone’s ultimate if you have good team coordination.

Speaking of which, Orisa’s ultimate is known as the SUPERCHARGER — which makes Orisa deploy a device that increases damage output of your fellow team mates within range, once again perfect for deploying if you’re defending a point on those last critical few seconds of a round or even potentially rushing it.

Be sure to also check out the video below to see all the different skins available for Orisa in Overwatch.

With all that said, are you excited to get your hands on Orisa? Do you want to play her in competitive? Let me know in the comments below.

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