New Overwatch Patch Brings Competitive Play To PS4

The new patch for Overwatch on PS4, previously released for the other platforms, includes competitive play and balancing changes to McCree and Widowmaker.

As of today, those who play Overwatch on the PlayStation 4 have finally caught up with their counterparts on the Xbox One and PC. A new patch for the PS4 version of the game is available now, bringing competitive play and balancing tweaks for popular heroes McCree and Widowmaker to the platform — in addition to general fixes and additions.

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The highly-anticipated Competitive Play mode, first released earlier this week on PC, is designed to determine which Overwatch players are truly the best. As such, it remains locked until level 25. After reaching level 25, each new player must complete 10 placement matches, which award a skill rating (from 1 to 100). Wins, naturally, improve a player’s skill rating, while losses decrease it. Match victories also lead to Competitive Points, awarded at the end of each season, which can be redeemed for golden weapons for each character. You can read about Competitive Play in greater detail on the Overwatch site.

As previously mentioned, the new patch includes balancing changes for McCree and Widowmaker. McCree’s alternate fire, or “fanning the hammer,” now includes a faster recovery time but does significantly less damage (45 compared to 70 originally). Widowmaker’s sniper rifle now does less damage (but includes a better multiplier for critical hits), and players must wait for the scope animation to complete before being able to aim. Her ult, Infra-Sight, also takes longer to charge than before.

You can read the patch notes in full here. Are there any particular changes you want to see in the next patch? Leave a comment with your ideas below!

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