It's high noon for Overwatch's Clint Eastwood look-alike.

New Overwatch Tier List — Sorry McCree!

It's high noon for Overwatch's Clint Eastwood look-alike.

Planet Overwatch is a website dedicated to tracking the usage of various Overwatch characters and ranking them based on how often they’re used in the competitive community. It’s usually interesting to see the differences in who the pros play and who most people use. For example, during the reign of Bastion at Overwatch‘s start, the robot was almost never used by pros due to the flaw in his “stand in one place” design.

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What’s changed?

In the16th update titled “I’ve got the whole hog from above”, it looks like the McCree and Widowmaker nerfs have hit hard. Fortunately for Widowmaker, she’s now moved to being a situational character and maintains a usage percentage above her sniper rival Hanzo. Unfortunately for McCree, he’s now the least used offensive hero in the competitive community. Only Mei, Bastion, and Zenyatta are behind him.

Meanwhile, as the update name suggests, three heroes have suddenly propelled in their usage. Soldier 76 is the third most used character overall, and top of the offensive charts when being played on the defense — to a point where it is almost mandatory to have him on your team. With the lack of McCree’s insane killing power, Roadhog and Pharah have managed to climb up too.

And then there’s Zenyatta

I mentioned earlier that our robot monk was at the bottom of the tier list. Let me make clear just how ‘bottom’ the bottom is. At the recent Alienware Monthly Melee, Zenyatta was picked 0 times. Not once was he considered or tested. Maybe it’s time for a buff?

Hopefully Blizzard can balance things out before the meta becomes too unbalanced, and players report you for picking ‘nonviable’ characters.

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