New Story Trailer for Extinction Released

A new trailer for Extinction shows humanity's last stand against giant ogres.

Publisher Modus Games and developer Iron Galaxy have released a brand-new story trailer for their upcoming action game, Extinction, ahead of its launch on April 10.

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The trailer covers how people once thought the giant ogres known as Ravenii were only a fairy tale but realized their mistake once the Ravenii reappeared and started to once again wreak havoc on humanity. The Ravenii have destroyed all of the human kingdoms except for Dolorum, which is where the game takes place. Humanity must put their faith in Avil, the last of a group of warriors known as Sentinels, who are the only ones capable of taking down these massive monsters.  Additionally, humanity must learn how to use the special Ravenii armor for their own benefit before it’s too late.

Extinction will launch on April 10, 2018, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game will feature no microtransactions, but there will be exclusive content for those who pre-order.


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