Next-Gen Duke Nukem in the Works… And It’s an Action/RPG?

The iconic protagonist may pick himself off the mat and try again.
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It was no way for a video game legend to say goodbye. Duke Nukem Forever was universally panned by critics, and it was all the more unfortunate because we had to wait 13 years for it.

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But you can’t keep a King down. Developer Interceptor Entertainment seems to be working on a new franchise entry, and it isn’t what you expect…. The studio initially asked for 10,000 Facebook likes, at which point they’d translate some encrypted text. But some die-hard fans cracked the code first:

“The king makes his next generation debut in Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction. A top-down action role-playing game for PC and PlayStation.”

Chances are, if it’s coming to PlayStation and PC, it’s coming to Xbox as well. Furthermore, there’s a new teaser site with a countdown clock that ends on February 25. At the site, you can see a picture of Kick-Ass Gum, which reminds veteran gamers of the classic line in question.

Obviously, though, the most intriguing part of this news involves that action/RPG bit. Duke Nukem was one of the original pioneers in the first-person shooter genre; to have it be a “top-down action/RPG” almost seems like sacrilege. Then again, considering the massive flop that was DNF, maybe it’s time for a change. I just wonder what a Duke with skill trees and experience will be like.

As for Interceptor Entertainment, remember that they produced a few side-scrolling Duke Nukem titles for iOS. Furthermore, it was reported last year that the developer was working with original franchise creator Scott Miller.

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