Night Trap Set to Re-Release With 25th Anniversary Edition, Including a Limited Physical Release

The most famous Slumber Party in video games is making a comeback later this year for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The SEGA CD console add-on has many claims to fame, but arguably, none is more infamous than the full-motion video game that starred girls going wild before it meant something else entirely. Digital Pictures’ Night Trap, which is now getting a re-release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for its 25th anniversary.

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The game is notable for the role it played in the shaping of the Entertainment Software Rating Board (a content metric that’s still used to this day) because of its suggestive subject material and marketing, and now it’s getting a remastered version this spring from Screaming Villains.

The last time we heard anything Night Trap related was when the original executive producer of the cult-favorite Tom Zito, had launched a failed Kickstarter in 2014 that pitched to fund production of a remastered port if they were able to meet their $330,000 goal; the campaign was backed by less than a thousand pledges that were valued at just $39,843 total.

The game is not only going to be remastered with high resolution, but will also get a physical release through a collaborative deal with Limited Run games for the PlayStation 4, with three alternative colors that are based on the various editions of the game released on the SEGA’s 16-bit disc-based console.

The game had originally garnered a Mature rating, but after being reevaluated by the same board that it helped spawn 25 years later, has now earned a Teen rating as its use of violence and themes are fairly tame by today’s media standards. Until we get more info from Screaming Villains, enjoy this sweet free download of the game’s theme song right here.

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