Nintendo Has Big Plans For E3

Nintendo previews a few ideas they plan to unveil in detail at this year's E3.

Nintendo previews a few ideas they plan to unveil in detail at this year's E3.

Nintendo has previewed a few of their ideas for E3 this year and they are interesting. Most of them seem to center on not letting the Wii U die just yet.

Nintendo will be targeting “emerging markets.”

The console company wishes to release gaming devices to “emerging markets.” Without Nintendo’s details, there is only speculation which markets are targets and what the mysterious “devices” will be capable of. One new device will likely be a product to follow the Xbox into China, now that they have lifted their ban on foreign gaming consoles. Another concern for gamers is how significant the variations between their consoles and the new limited devices will be. Gamers outside China and other target markets could be looking to get their hands on these “exclusive” devices. 

Do you like Skylanders? Nintendo hopes you do, too. 

Nintendo hopes to take the Skylanders style to a new level. Using figures that store information, you will be able to build your characters on one console and use them on another. It is possible that Mario and other Nintendo favorites will be able to level up in one game and be used on another console or a different game entirely. Sounds like a powerful addition to the Pokémon franchise, if it isn’t done yet. Super Smash Brothers could reach a whole new level of gameplay allowing more characters into the mix this way. The Wii U will also have connectivity to these figures. Will this be able to revive the Wii U or lengthen its life span?

Mobile games get some attention.

Microsoft and Sony already provide mobile apps to work with their consoles, and now Nintendo feels it’s time as well. Mario Kart 8 will be making its way to mobile devices soon enough. Nintendo has also promised an app that can compare player rankings and more ways to stalk your friends by telling you what games they are playing.

Nintendo doesn’t plan to bring old games to your mobile device, but man, my phone sure is about the same shape and size as an NES controller.

From Wikipedias Nintendo article

My Phone, Nintendo. I promise.

Even has the cord.

E3 is coming soon…

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