Are We Growing Out of Pokemon? Or Has The Franchise Been Bled Dry?

Or maybe a wild ice cream cone and a pair of haunted keys just isn't making the cut

In today's news, Nintendo has released their financial numbers for the past fiscal year, as well as announced the release of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. Are these two items related? I'd like to think so. 

The WiiU hasn't been doing well - which shouldn't surprise anybody, even Nintendo. In their latest financial report, Nintendo announced an operating loss of $457 million dollars.

Along with this information comes a list of which games are selling best on the various Nintendo consoles. Pokémon X and Pokémon Y top the list of 3DS games, with over 12.6 millions units sold. On the DS list, Pokémon Diamond/Pearl, Pokémon Black/White and Pokémon Heartgold/Soul Silver making the top ten list with 17.63 million, 15.58 million, and 12.72 million units sold respectively.

Considering the amount of financial success Nintendo has had with its Pokémon franchise, Nintendo's announcement of a Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire remake coming right at the heels of their huge fiscal losses makes sense. They need another best-seller and another Pokémon games seems to be a no-brainer for that criteria. 

That said, the rapidity with which Nintendo has been throwing out Pokémon games in the last five years is overwhelming. Not only is it overwhelming to attempt to catch the ridiculous amount of Pokémon added with each generation, the new Pokémon themselves are often, in a word, ridiculous.

Everyone remembers Vanillish, a Pokémon resembling an ice cream cone; and Garbodor, a Pokémon made out of garbage, from Pokémon Black/White, simply because they were silly and perhaps a clear indication that creative juices were running low with the games creators. 

In Pokémon X/Y, we get even more ridiculous Pokémon such as a sword imbued with a spirit (Honedge), and a tree-stump imbued with the spirit of a child who died in the forest (Phantump).

In fact, there is an entire video devoted to the weird/creepy Pokémon  in Pokémon X/Y.

Is it safe to say that Pokémon has gotten a little over the top? I think so. While Pokémon X andwere unique additions to the Pokémon franchise (for once), it's clear that the Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Pokémon Omega Ruby may just be cash-grabs for Nintendo in their bid to stay relevant and not lose another $457 million. 

Published Jan. 21st 2016
  • Jackson _9602
    Pokemon is awesome and if u get bored of it that's your problem but it will always be a great game.
  • Jackson _9602
    Fuck you you stupid bitch
  • Emily_4290
    So, let me get this straight... going more out of the box for ideas = "running low on creative juices?" Huh?

    You complain about creepy new Pokemon, but I'm going to assume you probably have no complains about a creature that wears its mother's skull as a helmet?

    Also, I'll have to disagree with the above commenter on your use of the initial graphic... the point of that one is to show that the claim that older generations were somehow better or more creative is ridiculous. The Garbador argument is-- yes-- complete garbage considering Gen I gave us Muk and Grimer.

    Face it-- if you're basing a piece of journalism off of memetic "arguments" on Pokemon design, you're the one running out of ideas.
  • Will_1221
    This is what happens when you double down on every bad mistake made with the Wii by coming out with the Wii U, which is just a Wii with an extremely large, expensive, and unwieldy controller. They could have gotten the same functionality in a much better way simply by coming out with a more traditional console and letting you connect a DS as a controller.
  • Danielle Marie
    Featured Columnist
    I love your graphics so much lol
  • Madi_4679
    I never thought about it that way; the remakes just being a grasp for a few extra dollars.
    Well, regardless, they're going to get it. The Pokémon fandom has been bitching about Ruby/Sapphire remakes for years, and now that they're real, the fans will stop at nothing to get their hands on them.
    Me? I'm not big on remakes. I prefer having new Pokes to find and new realms to explore. But I can understand this approach, considering Nintendo could probably really use the money.
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    To be fair Klefki and Aegislash (Honedge's final evolution) are amazing. They are great to have on a competitive teams.

    The fact is as the game itself, each generation does add some features, but nothing too new. Anyone that just plays the game for the story won't find much after a while.

    The reason Pokemon is so popular is the metagame/competitive scene. Pokemone is a lot more complicated than anyone knows who doesn't play competitively. The game is completely different in that aspect. It's not just a simple rock-paper-scissors game when you play with hardcore players.

    I could go at length about everything in Pokemon, but that would take forever. Basically if you don't play the metagame, or care, you'll never know why Pokemon is so popular and why people keep buying the games.
  • Lauren Puga
    Featured Columnist
    My personal favorite is Klefki - a Pokemon that looks like a key ring.
  • Kate Reynolds
    Senior Intern
    I completely forgot Klefki! It's such a ridiculous Pokemon and it can actually wreck your team early on if you don't have any counters.
  • Xs_5474
    My favorite part is how the info of the first picture is completely wrong, showing newer pokemon as old, and first gen pokemon as "new and boring". It starts the article off well for your expectations.
  • Anthony Shelton
    I agree. Doesn't set a good first impression, unfortunately. Plus, Pokemon originally started off based on animals. It's not like it's a newfangled fad.
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    Speaking as an outsider to the whole Pokemon thing... I've never seen any significant changes that made me tempted to try the series out, not even the offshoots. Every entry has always seemed so similar save for new Pokemon. It's like a shooter franchise with the exact same scripted sequences and levels simply shifted slightly with two to four new guns added each time.
  • Kate Reynolds
    Senior Intern
    Honestly, as someone who has loved the Pokemon franchise forever - there hasn't been any significant change. There have been new mechanis added over the years that are exciting for hardcore players, but that do nothing to change the overall game formula.

    It was fun for awhile, but I think we're at a stage where they need to do something new or just stop pushing them out so often. There's just been a glut recently.

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