An in-depth look at each of Splatoon's battle maps and shops revealed thus far.

Overview of All Splatoon’s Turf-War Maps

An in-depth look at each of Splatoon's battle maps and shops revealed thus far.
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The May 7th Splatoon Direct was loaded with information about Nintendo’s newest shooter. In addition to revealing the various weapons and the launch of the Global Testfire demo, many of the game’s environments were revealed. A very vivid, and overtly urban picture was painted after seeing all of the Turf-War maps, which you can check out below. 

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Urchin Underpass

Urchin Underpass is a map heavily divided by concrete walls. There are maze-like paths leading to a central plaza area, which is the main stage for the Turf War. 

Saltspray Rig

This map is set up like a shipping yard, split between high and low areas. Often, players will focus on claiming the higher area, forgetting the important claimable turf in the lower region. 

Blackbelly Skatepark

Appropriately, this place is heavily influenced by a skatepark, containing half-pipes and deep bowls to run around in. The map is one large, open area so teams are often spread out to claim turf. There is, however, one high-reaching center platform from which players can see and shoot much of the park. This structure can be vital in a team’s victory. 

Walleye Warehouse

This warehouse keeps players in close-quarters and often plays much like a tug-of-war, as inklings fight back and forth between a series of shipment crates and storage units. 

Arowana Mall

Arowana Mall is incredibly narrow throughout, and contains no central area. This means that turf wars can occur any and everywhere!


Which map are you most excited for? 

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