Owlboy Finally Flies After Nearly a Decade

Dpad Studio's Owlboy is now available on Steam.

Dpad Studio's Owlboy is now available on Steam.

Today, D-Pad Studio released Owlboy via Steam. Up until now, the 2D platformer had been in development for rough 8 years.

Owlboy is set in a world of floating islands in the sky. The world below was scattered by a horrible event. The hero is a young boy name Otus, who is a member of an owl–human hybrid known as the Owls. His village is attacked by a band of pirates and he goes forth on an adventure to stop them.

The title began development in 2007 originally. It was in development for nearly a decade for various reasons. The studio wanted to meet fan expectations and not disappoint. This lead to the game being changed several times. The lead designer and artist Simon Stafsnes Andersen was also suffering from depression as well, which put a serious halt on production.

Owlboy joins The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XV as titles that have experienced nearly 10 years of development. But finally, fans of adventur games and 2D platformers can purchase Owlboy on Steam.

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