Palia Dev Update Outlines More Incoming Content

Some of the biggest community concerns were addressed in the first Palia dev update.

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August has been a big month for Palia. Heading into open beta, announcing the first in game event, and seeing the player base grow exponentially make for an exciting summer finish. The team over at Singularity 6 isn’t sitting on their laurels, however, as the first of many dev updates outlines future content and addresses concerns from the Palia community. Here’s what they announced.

In response to players clamoring for item interactions, especially important in a cozy, multiplayer game such as Palia, the team has been working on allowing characters the ability to:

  • Sit
  • Lay down
  • Turn the water on/off in sinks & bathtubs
  • Opening and closing cabinets and drawers
  • Turn lights on/off

Another big ask, and one that I’ve wanted myself, is crafting improvements at the workbench. Namely the ability to search your recipes and to craft multiple stacks of an item at one time. Preparing to use a Honey Lure will be so much easier when I can make five stacks of Sneaky Smoke Bombs at one time instead of going into the workbench five times to craft them.

The ability to destroy crops is a current focus of the dev team. Accidentally planting a seed in the wrong slot can completely mess up companion planting layouts, a unique feature to the Gardening skill. Being able to remove that plant is essential to keeping garden plots productive even if there is a mess up.

The Request system, used to ask for needed items from the community, will be getting an upgrade. You’ll now have the ability to fulfill requests using items from your storage no matter where you are as well as have a better idea of when you can request items again with a detailed timer. In addition to the timer, request cooldown time will be reduced.

Last, but certainly not least, more quests revolving around the Night Sky Temple and the other ruins in Palia are on their way. The team states that the beta and stories within are more the prologue to the world, but more content is coming. I personally can’t wait to explore the other ruins and see what their vaults require.

For the full breakdown on what the dev team is working on, head to the official dev update post. You can also check out the latest Game Director Letter, which confirms we will be getting consistent team updates monthly, if not more often. In the meantime, you can prepare yourself for Palia’s first event, the Maji Market, by checking out our announcement. The event starts today, August 29.

If you’re still looking to complete your Vault of the Waves, need a certain fish for a weekly want, or just want to know how to start dating a villager, check out our garden of Palia guides.

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