Palia Patch Notes Update 0.168: The Temple of Flames Rises Alongside New Quests, More

The latest update brings a new temple, new friendship, and more to Palia.

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The latest Palia patch notes for update 0.168 have arrived alongside a bunch of new content, such as puzzles and bundles to fill, and the next temple ruin. In addition, to the Temple of Flames, Tau now has his own friendship meter and quests! If you’re like me, you can’t wait to dive into those. Rounding out the additions are crops, recipes, and a furniture set. Here are the details on the Palia patch notes for update 0.168.

Palia Patch Notes: Update 0.168

New Content

The fire temple, known officially as Temple of the Flames, is now explorable. To do so, you must complete the Water Temple questline up to unlocking the Vault of Waves. However, you don’t need to have those bundles finished to access the fiery ruin.

Completing all four bundles will earn you the new Ancient Rock Garden, which allows you to attract the legendary Kitsuu to your home plot. Giving it an item as an offering may even earn you unique rewards.

Speaking of legendary creatures, Tau now has his own Friendship quests. Like other villagers, you’ll be able to interact with him daily and track your progress in the Relationship tab (L button). He’ll have specific quests when you level up his Friendship, as well as new interactions to explore. For the plushie collectors out there, completing his Level 4 Friendship Quest rewards you with a giant Tau plush customization item.

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The garden was in need of some loving, so two new crops were introduced, as outlined by the Palia patch notes for update 0.168:

  • Corn
  • Spicy Peppers

With new crops come new recipes! Ten new dishes are available to make, with most of the recipes available for purchase from Reth. The Palia patch notes state that some may be obtained in other ways, so we’ll have to see how to get all of them.

A total of 15 new books can be read through the land. Other items have been added to Zeki’s Wondrous Machine, including a new plushie, while a fire-themed furniture set can also be crafted. Multi-crafting at the Workbench has been implemented, along with fulfilling item requests with your storage stash from anywhere.

Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Kenyatta’s Level 4 Friendship Quest has had the furniture items adjusted to be easier to make or buy.
  • Einar’s Adornment can now be placed.
  • Preserve Jar items had their Focus adjusted.
  • Bugged Weekly Want items have been fixed.
  • Duplicate icons on the UI have been removed.

Those are the biggest items in the Palia patch notes for update 0.168. For the complete list of known issues, bug fixes, and new content, check out the official patch notes. If you’re looking for help finding fish for the Vault of Waves, befriending villagers, or completing quests, head over to our Palia guides hub.

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