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Palia Update 0.167 Patch Notes Detail New Content, Bug Fixes, and More

The latest patch notes for Palia detail the anticipated Maji Market and bug fixes in update 0.167.

The latest Palia patch notes for update 0.167 are here. Releasing alongside the game’s first event in beta Early Access, the update adds new content, brings balance tweaks, and, of course, squashes a few pesky bugs. The most noteworthy is the long-awaited fix to Tish’s Level 4 Friendship quest. Here are all the details.

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Update 0.167 Patch Notes Detailed

New Content

The first event in Palia history, Maji Market, made its debut with a bang. Available between 6 p.m. and 3 a.m. Palian time, the market offers new foods, house customizations, and quests. There’s a slew of new accomplishments to earn connected with the market, as well as fun market-themed rewards. I know I’m saving up for the Maji and Embra plushies myself!

While the Maji Market is the largest piece of new content, that’s not all that was added, as detailed by the 0.167 update patch notes. Six new found item quests have been introduced, including Best Foot Forward, Not Hungry, and more. You’ll need to mine, explore, and fish to find all the newest triggers for these quests.

Balance Updates

Have you been hunting down Striped Chapaas for their tails only to come up empty-handed? That’s no longer the case, as drop rates have been adjusted. Here’s the rundown.

  • Increased rate of hides, meat, and antlers dropping for Elder and Proudhorn Sernuks.
  • Increased rate of fur, meat, and tails dropping for Striped and Azure Chapaas.
  • Increased gold value of antlers from Elder and Proudhorn Sernuks.
  • Increased gold value of tails from Striped and Azure Chapaas.
  • Increased appearance rate for Elder Sernuks and Striped Chapaas.
  • Decreased appearance rate of regular Sernuks and Chapaas.

Along with the changes to hunting, bug catchers can rejoice with a drastic increase to stack limits. Previously, only five bugs were allowed per stack. Now, each stack can go up to 30! That’s a lot of Kilima Night Moths or Firebreathing Dragonflies to catch.

Bug Fixes

Friendship quests that have been bugged have finally been fixed.

  • Tish’s Level 4 quest.
  • Najuma’s Level 3 quest.
  • Hodari’s Level 4 quest.

In addition to those fixes, inventories should always show when trying to gift to a villager, and bugs shouldn’t spawn inside walls.

The list of known issues has been updated to include a character freeze when attempting to use cooking stations, the tutorial for Focus isn’t popping up, and issues with blocking players. For the full list of bug fixes and issues, review the official blog post.

Those are the updates implemented in the patch notes for Palia update 0.167. I can’t wait to get in on the Chapaa Chase action and watch the fireworks during the Maji Market. For more on Palia, such as quest walkthroughs, how to craft certain items, or where to find rare bugs, check out our guides hub.

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