Paragon is getting its first new Hero, and he looks awesome!

Sevarog will be lurking in Paragon's jungles on March 29th.

Sevarog will be lurking in Paragon's jungles on March 29th.

Paragon has announced the release of its first new Hero since the game started early access on March 18th. His name is Sevarog, and he looks like one of the Nazgûl started a heavy metal band. He’s been labeled a tank and jungler, so he should be able to take some punishment, provide good control, and will probably be ganking lanes. You can check out his abilities in the above video. Sevarog will be released on the March 29th patch, and there will be an in-depth overview of the character on March 28th on Paragon’s Twitch channel at 11:00 am EST. Right now early access to Paragon costs at least $20.00, but much like DOTA2, all heroes are free to play. The game itself will be free when it enters open beta this summer.

Paragon is one of the newest additions to the MOBA genre, and is available on both the PC and PlayStation 4. It uses the traditional MOBA map, with three lanes that have objectives you must destroy to reach the enemy’s base. It also uses a third-person point-of-view, much like SMITE, which gives the player the feeling of being “in the action”. The graphics and design are amazing, but the MOBA genre is getting a bit crowded and it’s a long, long way to the top. Paragon has a few things setting it apart, like using a card system instead of items. Time will tell if this will be enough for the game to establish itself in the genre.

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