Paranautical Activity Still Not Greenlit, Pleads With Fans for Money

Mike Maulbeck needs your support to make Paranautical Activity a reality
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Do you like classic first person shooters like DOOM and Quake? If so, developer Mike Maulbeck would like your attention. He’s creating a game in the style of those classics called Paranautical Activity, and it has been generating quite the buzz.

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The game is currently in Beta and is seeking Steam Greenlight support. However, developing a game takes a lot of time and a lot of money. At the moment, it’s the latter in short supply – Maulbeck’s team is running out of money, so he is asking you to support his newly created Kickstarter campaign.

Maulbeck brought his game to Kickstarter because he and his team want to create more content and deliver a great, classic FPS experience. He is asking for $10,000 so that more enemies, weapons, and items can be created.  He has also set some stretch goals so that he can include features like competitive multiplayer, Co-op, and Oculus Rift support.

Maulbeck says:

“Paranautical Activity is our dream game – a combination of all our favorite things gaming has to offer. We want to keep working on it for as long as we can to make it the best game it can be. Unfortunately, the longer we work on it, the more money it has to make to be financially viable. We’re getting dangerously close to a point where Paranautical Activity will be more expensive than we can afford, and we’ll have to wrap it up and move on.”

If you are a fan of old-school shooters, then this is a project you will want to support.  You can go to the game’s Greenlight page to vote for it and to its Kickstarter page to learn more by clicking on the pictures below!

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