All the juicy hot info you want about warframe from Pax East 2016

Pax East Panel: Warframe Developer & Community Panel

All the juicy hot info you want about warframe from Pax East 2016

The leading free to play, cross platform game Warframe is gave avid players a closer look at what is in store at PAX East this weekend. Members of the Digital Extremes team offered their player base, the Tenno, an all access pass to all things Warframe.

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What is Warframe anyway?

Developed by Digital Extremes, Warframe is a free to play, cross platform, over the shoulder (or third person) shooter. Players control the Tenno, an ancient warrior race who have awoken from centuries of cryosleep. The Tenno remotely control powerful suits called Warframes. After being awakened, the Tenno find themselves at war with different factions from across the universe. You can find a complete review of Warframe by Orange Gaming right here on

The panel

The panel was made up of Digital Extremes staff, including:

  • Geoff Crookes- Animation Director
  • Rebecca Ford- Community Manager
  • Scott McGregor- Design Director
  • Sheldon Carter- Studio Manager
  • and Steve Sinclair – Creative Director
 Community hot topics

**Warning Spoilers ahead**

Digital Extremes is an extremely player driven company. In listening to the community, they have planned these major changes and updates to the game:

  • Events:  Devs at DE commented on the fact that global player events took a steep decline over the past few months.  Calling it a “mistake” they fully intend to make special player global event more frequent, like they were in the past. With the resurgence of special events, DE plans on expanding the syndicates’ use in the game by having some events be missions for certain syndicates. As the player progresses through the event, certain interactions will occur based on their standing with each faction. The next special event will be called the Rathoon, which is the Grineer trail by combat.
  • Sentients: the machine race that hails from the Tau System have long yielded “meh” rewards. Now the devs are looking to change that by adding new Sentients and having them offer powerful upgrades. They are also looking to improve the focus experience system to deepen the players options when utilizing these skills.
  • PVP: Instead of constant blood shed, players will now have the option of playing “Lunaro”. Lunaro is a light and fun way to compete with other Warframes in a player vs player setting. This mode will be located in the Conclave area.
New Warframes

In addition to all those hot topics, 1 new Warframe and 1 new prime Warframe were announced. The new Warframe is a whimsical female butterfly themed Warframe. She has no official name so we will have to keep tabs on that. The new prime Warframe is the Vauban Prime. As with all primes new prime versions of weapons have been announced as well. This time its the mighty hammer Fragor. Both will be coming out in late spring. 

The panel ended with the floor opened up to Q & A from fans. You can watch the whole dev stream on Digital Extremes twitch page. Also don’t forget to follow Warframe on twitter.

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