PAX Tickets Bought By Scalpers Will Be Canceled and Resold

Never fear--PAX tickets recovered from scalpers will be resold

PAX tickets went on sale yesterday morning, much to the glee and blissful joy of most gamers. 3 Day badges sold out in 45 minutes or less, and Saturday sold out later yesterday evening.

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Those who fumbled around trying to collect PAX 3 day badges, only to see them sold out, and then only to see gems like:


Shouldn’t fret. PAX has announced that, as they did with PAX Prime, suspicious orders and large quantities will be investigated and perhaps even canceled once tickets have sold out.

Consequently, any tickets recovered from obviously fraudulent purchases will then be rereleased for gamers to snatch up.

This won’t occur until PAX tickets are completely sold out, but with Friday and Sunday running low, that should only take a day or two more, if not just a few more hours. Saturday and the 3 Day badges, as most know, are already sold out.

Keep an ear to the ground (or to PAX’s Twitter account) for when these badges will be canceled and resold.

GameSkinny managed to snag a few passes (Friday and Sunday) for those who wish to cover the event, and those can be found over here. Certain terms and conditions apply.

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