Mafia 3 is the latest launch to anger PC users

PC Users Angry with Mafia 3 Launch Issues

Mafia 3 is the latest launch to anger PC users

It has just been over twelve hours since the launch of the long-awaited Hangar 13 title Mafia 3. Already PC users have taken to the Steam Store Page and forums to express their anger at the game’s many issues.

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The coming of the storm

Earlier this week, IGN made an announcement that 2K Games, publisher of Mafia 3 refused to give the site a review copy of the game. This immediately raised suspicion, with gaming sites and gamers alike. The last time a publisher refused to give review copies was Bethesda with DOOM back in May.

Upon release, DOOM’s PC version had more than its fair share of issues. Mafia 3 appears to be going through the same affair. Already gamers are expressing their anger, along with listing the many issues they have with the game. Many are claiming it to be a careless and bad console port.

What are the issues?

The most common issue that everyone is upset about is the frame rate being locked to 30 FPS. That, however, is only one of many issues PC users are experiencing. Others include:

  • Awkward controls for PC
  • Low detailed textures
  • Long texture loading time
  • Low view distance
  • Blurry graphics
  • Freezing
  • Game crashing
  • Poor graphical options
  • Game stuttering

It is no surprise that PC users are angry. Many have long anticipated this game’s release. It is currently Steam’s top seller — and with a price tag of €49.99, anyone would be upset.

An average day in the life of a PC gamer

Anyone who plays new AAA releases on PC knows exactly how the community feels. Bad PC launches for AAA titles seems to be becoming a norm at this point. This year alone, games like DOOM, Homefront, and XCOM 2 to a lesser extent, all released in unacceptable states on PC.

Already 2K has made an announcement, claiming the team is working on fixing the issues as soon as possible. As to how long this will take, is unknown. If the previous titles are anything to go by, the community could be looking at several weeks before it is fixed.

Did you buy Mafia 3? What problems are you experiencing with the game? If it’s playable for you, do you think it deserves all the negativity? Let me know in the comments below!

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