DOOM PC launch is plagued with issues

The PC version of DOOM is off to a bad start with players experiencing a large variety of issues.

Id Software's latest installation in the DOOM series is off to a bad start on launch. Having just released today, already the Steam forums are full of topics from players reporting issues that they are experiencing.

Issues reported so far

The list of problems, along with the number of players reporting them, is rapidly expanding as the hours progress. From the moment the game went live on Steam, the forums were full of discussions of people having trouble with the game.

Here are some of the more common issues players are experiencing:

  • Performance issues (FPS Slow down)
  • Unable to start the game
  • Frequent game crashes
  • Severe multiplayer lag
  • Momentary freezing
  • Long loading times
  • Controls momentarily freezing
  • Sound issues

These are just the more common problems, and players are still reporting a lot more than the ones mentioned.

Id Software has a lot of work to do

It is disappointing having to download a game for an average of 10-24 hours -- and that's after paying $59.99 only to find so many issues. Not to mention that the game may not even start up once you do get it downloaded.

Id Software is known for their reliable launches, and to experience this is a sad day for fans of the developer.

I, too, have been plagued with issues since launch including difficulty starting it up, frequent freezing and crashing. With the list of problems ever growing, Id Software has a lot of work to do as they attempt to redeem themselves of this nightmare launch.

Have you bought and played DOOM? Are you experiencing any issue? Let me know in the comments below.


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Published May. 13th 2016
  • Messydwarf
    Game will start in campaign mode 1 out of 4 times or just crash out of hand. Have to reboot whole system after game shutdown to get it to work again. Graphics will commonly go into slow freeze mode no matter what the settings. I look forward to trying multiplayer or snapmap, but as of yet they only crash to desktop with every attempt. Love the campaign when it is working.
  • ANG_9344
  • KYLE_1534
  • Nesor Ceja
    Is their any way to fix these issues ive been trying to get on multi-player and i only played the game twice and sense then i haven't even been able to play the campaign
  • Elmonte
    What a rip off. I paid $80 for the disc and now it wants to download something for 9 hours. DO NOT BUY THIS RUBBISH.
  • matthew_3278
    sometimes I run, sometimes I hide, sometimes I'm scared of you, but all I wanna do I hold you tight, treat you right, be with you day and night
  • Luke_3262
    Play DOOM 3 instead. It's pretty amazing. You don't need a gaming computer and you don't need STEAM.
  • James_5389
    I don't think it is the game. I am pretty sure that it is steam this time. Notice your Doom launch icon is a link to the web.
  • Lashawn_8421
    When i try to play campaign, it will load. Then the screen goes black and shuts off completelt
  • T_9863
    Doom was working perfectly until my computer automatically updated to windows 10 from windows 7

    now the intro video pauses for long periods of time
  • ROLANDO_5542
    stop pre-order games logic dictated that you firts wait a wile before order any game remember almost everyone have a lot issues only time and hard work from the producers make your money spend count used your baying power to force them to have a viable product offer to us the gamers and consumer who deserve better
  • szermajk
    I have a problem with saving files on Steam, I don't know really where problem is, but before launching doom it ask me to copy some files to make sure my version is compatible with the newest one.

    I am launching game and then my all savings aregone, I have to do one mission third time now and it's starting be really anoying, before launching this mission it's asking me to launch the game with developer mode switched off, wtf ??, I am lost.
  • Tigersan_8090
    Windows 10 64bit
    Intel i7 980
    ASUS Rampage III Formula
    24GB RAM DDR3
    and 2x TitanX in SLI
    358.91 nvidia driver version

    So far the only problem i had was the intro, it took few minutes to go through it
    and no way to skip it... the game itself runs great so far, with no other problems
    cropping up... so far lol...
  • bob_5038
    I had a nightmare of a time trying to get this running properly. It kept freezing, black screening, or just dropping into Windows.

    Windows 10 64bit
    8GB DDR3
    Intel i5 3570k
    GTX 970

    Tried everything, including closing all unecessary startup programmes and processes. In the end the only think that sorted this out was adding the 2GB DDR3 that I had lying around. so with 10GB DDR3 the game is rock solid.

    If you have issues, try adding more RAM. 8GB seems too optimistic for the game to run reliably.
  • Gabo_8109
    Campaign mode runs fine but when i try to play multiplayer... I get stuck at 91% load and eventually get a disconnected from server pop up. Ive managed to play a few matches after trying 15+ attempts to connect.
  • Peter_6961
    I am happy for all the people who have got their game running. That's great. But there are enough people complaining about crashes for it to be clear there are major issues with the PC version of the game.

    And to all those who say we should have bought a console version, well, sure. I have a PS4 and thought about it. But you don't get the same level design features you do with the PC version.

    I have a good i5 with GTX 780 and 16GB DDR3 1600 with 512 GB SSD with plenty of space, so well up to required standards. I play Diablo3, WoW, and Skyrim, all without any issues.

    But Doom loads only about half the time, and if it does get to gameplay, it plays no more than about 30 seconds before crashing back to desktop. I have checked file integrity, drivers are all up date, and I have not changed any of the default graphics or sound settings.

    To say the least, this is disappointing.

  • Mark_4768
    Quite funny reading all these messages from all you pc master race 'gamers'. I have been playing non stop on my Xbox since it arrived by the way. Oh n it works REALLY WELL too 😄. It is a great game ..
  • ThatNormalBunny
    Look everyone who is having problems you must be doing something wrong or you are playing on a system that you thought was good enough to play it on because there is a number of people on Youtube who play it with no problem or little problems.

    Examples being:
    Harry102UK -
    MKIceAndFire -
  • John_1962
    This is due to deadlines for console release. Id and beth have devoted more resorses into bug free console release then pc.
  • ETIViper
    Just got the game started to play it first Mission No problem but wont load second mission all i get is a black screen wtf
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