Phil Spencer Claims Xbox One Games Post Launch Looks Strong

A strong future for the Xbox One? Did somebody mention Halo?
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Phil Spencer, Microsoft Studios’ Corporate Vice-President, spoke with Polygon about the post launch line-up. Spencer states that we will not see any announcements from Microsoft about new or anticipated games. Instead, the event will focus on games that can be played at launch.

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According to Spencer, the 360 saw a gap from launch before the first games started launching. He goes on to talk about how the Xbox One’s portfolio is a lot stronger, with several early game launches. Between third-party games and Microsoft’s first party titles, there shouldn’t be a gap in the Xbox One’s game availability. This specifically included games like Titanfall and Destiny.

Even Halo was briefly mentioned in the statements. Specifically, Spencer mentioned that he “…hadn’t even mentioned when Halo was coming out yet.” Whether he was teasing that it would be released in the 24 month time period that he had refered to in previous comments has yet to be revealed. If all goes well, we’ll see Halo sooner rather than later.

Are the Xbox One’s launch titles enough to convince you to buy the system, or will you be waiting for some of those bigger post-launch titles? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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