Phosphor Games Updates Nether

Phosphor Games has announced updates to their survivalist video game Nether. Players can now decide to take part in the newest addition Territory Wars, designed to make it more fun and challenging to play this popular MMO.
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Top video game developer Phosphor games just announced an update of their apocalyptic survival MMO Nether. Now players part of a tribe can fight for control of Burnham by capturing one or all of 10 strategic buildings and using the resources they gain to dominate the city in Nether Territory Wars. Players can now also build tribe bases and have special objectives to complete, along with a new skill tree to add more variety to the game play.

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The developers have taken down the barricades around the map, doubling the size of the play area in Nether, by adding the Wastelands.

The survival of the human race in Nether is now secure. The guys and girl gamers will be happy to hear they can now play Nether using a female character they’ll find appropriate.

Gamers won’t find bags of chips sitting on the floor of a subway car any more. Phosphor Games has revamped the scavenging system to make it more realistic and player statistics are now taken into account. The changes will help new players find better loot, determine areas already looted and where the loot was. 

Survivalists spending their time roaming the wastelands of Burnham be on the lookout for Golden Chests as you wander aimlessly. Golden Chests are unlocked using special skeleton keys you can purchase at any market and contain items you’ll need to survive.

Nether gamers can now decide to fight for survival wearing only underwear, which might intimidate other survivors into laughing out loud, or using a custom taunt they can create for the occasion. Better grab one of the new riot shields, if you plan on wandering about half-naked, and then charge head on into battle.

Players can now decide to spawn in a randomly selected Safe Zone or spot in the city. They also can track their movements using way points they place, instead of opening up the map, which will make it easier and quicker to get around and determine your location in Burnham.

“By adding territory wars, Nether expands upon the survival genre by offering players more gameplay options than just scavenging, fighting creatures and fellow survivalists, and crafting,” said Chip Sineni, Creative Director at Phosphor Games. “Tribe battles will give combatants a whole new bevy of challenges and strategies in order to maintain control of strongholds and navigate the tumultuous world safely.”

Check out the updates to Nether and start surviving the apocalypse in the city of Burnham today!

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