Pixels and Polygons: An Indie Game Developer Story Kickstarter LIVE!

A personal journey into the life of a "starving artist" independent games developer.

A personal journey into the life of a "starving artist" independent games developer.

Editor’s Note: Please welcome Richard Cook from AdaptivElite – he’s working on a documentary about indie game development and has some cool news to share. 

The forthcoming documentary on independent games development, entitled “Pixels and Polygons: An Indie Game Developer Story” is a personal journey of an indie game dev and his team on the way to their big game debut at the PAX East 2013 expo in Boston, MA.

An Honest Look at Indie Dev Life

Richard Cook, the producer and subject of the film, began filming the documentary 4 months prior to PAX, in his attempt to capture the life of a “starving artist” game developer struggling through everyday life and making a game that could be his ticket to a successful career. Through balancing 2 day jobs, his declining health, and the politics of working with a team not always on the same page, the documentary explores the many emotions that aspiring developers and creative individuals go through everyday.

Shot entirely from his webcam and phone camera, it offers a very up close and personal look of a life often perceived as fun and careless, but one that is truly full of obstacles and setbacks.

Coming Soon to an Internet Near You

The edited version of the documentary will release for free on YouTube in late June.

The Kickstarter for the documentary and game is live now and seeking support and contributions.

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