Adaptive Elite Talks about Upcoming "Pro Janitor Police" [Interview]

This side scroller assigns the appropriate amount of heroism to an often overlooked job - Janitors.

Adaptive Elite admits freely that the name "Pro Janitor Police" was born by a particularly gifted random name generator, but they've used that nugget of inspiration to seize on a concept that will warm the hearts of gamers (and germaphobes) the world over.

In Pro Janitor Police, players take on the role of a janitor determined to save his school from a viral outbreak. This side-scrolling scrubber offers the chance to wreak vengeance on germy bad guys.

Check out the Gameplay in the Official Trailer

Ready to break out your Mop?

Pro Janitor Police can be preordered now at the Adaptive Elite website

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Published Apr. 26th 2013

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