Sony says its next-gen console is still on track for a 2020 launch, news that comes alongside more insight into the DualSense.

PlayStation 5 Release Date Still Set for 2020, Sony Exec Says

Sony says its next-gen console is still on track for a 2020 launch, news that comes alongside more insight into the DualSense.
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While Microsoft announced a November Xbox Series X release time frame, Sony’s remained silent on the PlayStation 5 release date. PlayStation fans should temper any concerns about delays, though, according to Sony’s Senior VP and Head of Global Marketing, Eric Lempel.

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In an interview with, Lempel said the PlayStation 5 is still releasing in 2020 as planned.

It’s a massive challenge on every front… The nice thing is that we’re pulling it together. We will launch this year — that will happen — and from my end we will absolutely make sure that we will bring all of the magic and all of the excitement of launches that we have had in the past.

The interview coincides with the first PlayStation 5 commercial, which aired earlier on August 20. Rather than showing off new games or previously announced launch titles, the PS5 ad focuses on the DualSense‘s unique features.

It’s not something Sony can easily convey just in images, but a PlayStation Blog post accompanied the commercial, with tidbits about how developers are implementing haptic feedback in different ways.

Demon’s Souls, for example, will “…take simple things that were really not exciting moments in games in the past, and turn them into a sensory experience.” These sensations include the feeling of metal-on-metal and the crackling energy of conjuring a spell.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, on the other hand, uses trigger resistance to determine how powerful a shotgun blast will be, while Spider-Man: Miles Morales lets players feel the build-up and transfer of energy from Spider-Man’s special attacks.

That said, there’s still no indication when the PlayStation 5 release date might actually be. Still, with the Xbox Series X out sometime in November, it’s likely the PS5 won’t be too far behind or ahead — even if the same might not apply for pricing.

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