Sony's PlayStation 3 social hub has been offline since 2015, but a new trademark posting could give it a jolt — or not. It's still unclear.

PlayStation Home Trademark Renewed by Sony

Sony's PlayStation 3 social hub has been offline since 2015, but a new trademark posting could give it a jolt — or not. It's still unclear.

According to a forum post on ResetEra (via PushSquare, which we first saw from Twitter user Mrpyo1), the trademark for PlayStation Home has been renewed by Sony through the European Union Intellectual Property Office. The trademark was renewed on April 26, 2021, and expires on October 1, 2028. 

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A quick check of the EUIPO website confirms that the trademark, originally filed in 2008, has been extended. 

It’s an interesting coincidence that the re-filing comes when it does. Though PlayStation Home has had a steadfast following throughout the years, the conversation around the virtual social platform within the greater gaming community has picked up in recent months.

IGN created a documentary earlier this year looking at “the fans who refuse to let PlayStation Home die.” It’s a fascinating deep dive into the PlayStation Home fanbase and those who have taken it upon themselves to keep it alive. Video Games Chronicle also recently highlighted how members of the PS Home community are using Media Molecule’s Dreams to recreate the experience through a project called Dreams Central

The renewal of the PlayStation Home trademark is certain to create increased buzz around Home and rekindle hope for those rooting for the social hub’s return. Right now, there’s no confirmation from Sony that relaunching Home is the intention. Just as we don’t yet know what Konami plans to do with the recent trademark renewals for Castlevania and Metal Gear Rising, if anything, it’s unclear if Sony plans to bring PlayStation Home back on the PS5 or not. 

PlayStation Home was announced way back in 2007, before launching for the PlayStation 3 in 2008. It never made its way to PlayStation 4. After growing PS Home by adding a plethora of free and paid content, mini-games, and even trophies, Sony shuttered the space in 2015. It continued support through mid-November 2014, and allowed “users to download content until” early December that year, but ultimately pulled the plug on March 31, 2015

Stay tuned for more on PlayStation Home. Who knows, perhaps Sony will resurrect the social hub in light of the year that was 2020, where games like Fortnite, Sea of Thieves, Destiny 2, VRChat, FFXIV, Animal Crossing, and so many others provided people places to socialize and come together — exactly the kind of thing PlayStation Home was built for. 

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