Project RF: Digitizing the Tribulation Blade (Version 2.0)

A rough pencil sketch can be transformed into a clean digital drawing
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The tribulation blade is one of the many weapons that we will feature in the Project RF saga.

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Just before we proceed, let’s define the word ‘tribulation’. Tribulation means “a cause of great trouble and suffering.”

From that definition, it is easy to deduce that the blade will indeed cause great affliction to the recipient of any of its attacks. Although we won’t go into how exactly the blade will achieve this, one thing you must keep in mind is that every single part of the blade has a function or meaning.  As development progresses, we will divulge further and detail what exactly makes the tribulation blade unique. We suspect quite a few gamers will like this particular weapon, as it will offer some very interesting and unique game mechanics. 

The initial blade sketch was done on paper, and quite frankly didn’t look too appealing. This isn’t too much of a problem, seeing as a rough pencil sketch can be digitized, corrected and tweaked to satisfaction. For most blade designs, the symmetry is important. but not essential. An asymmetrical blade can still be constructed if the design documents specify so.

After the digitizing procedures, the tribulation blade has now reached version 2.0, which is closer to what it would look like in the game:


Changes that were made to the version one of the tribulation blade (paper version) are as follows:

  1. Blade aura is double tipped as opposed to having only a single tip. This is in line with the spirals not meeting at a single point any longer (debole area).
  2. The blade coregrip and pommel have been redesigned.
  3. Design changes to the cross guard.

The blade will undergo one more revision prior to being modelled in 3D. 

The initial paper sketch can be found here. For those that might have missed it, please view the previous update here.

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