PS4 Pre-Orders Sold Out at GameStop in the US

The PS4 has already sold out of pre-orders in GameStops across the United States. Can the Xbox One keep up?
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Although there has been much skepticism about the new up and coming PlayStation 4 system, they’ve already sold out of pre-orders at GameStop in the United States. Upon entering the GameStop website, and clicking the PS4 tab, although numerous games are available for pre-order without release dates, the game system itself is completely unavailable for pre-order. This ties in with the statement Sony described at the E3 Conference, stating that this console will most definitely sell more than can be produced at the given time.

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Looking at a sales stand-point with the PS4 versus the Xbox One, currently via Amazon, the Xbox One is outselling the PS4. Direct sales are unavailable at this time, but viewing the “Best Selling” games on Amazon shows that currently Xbox One is ahead in sales over the PS4. Below are a few images taken from my source at


Time will only tell the future of the Xbox One and PS4. Just be wary that according to Amazon, PS4 will be releasing December 31st, 2013, and the Xbox One will be released a bit earlier at the date of November 27th, 2013. Be warned fellow gamers, you have new consoles on the way!

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