A job listing seemingly outed the PS5 release date as October, but Sony has since said that date is incorrect.

PS5 October Release Date Was an Error, According to Sony

A job listing seemingly outed the PS5 release date as October, but Sony has since said that date is incorrect.
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Outside of a nebulous Holiday 2020 release window, we still don’t know the exact PS5 release date. However, we may now know what it isn’t.

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Earlier today, Twitter user Nibellion shared a listing from Japanese job site Rikunabi that seemingly revealed the PlayStation 5 release date as sometime in October 2020. Though the news quickly set the internet ablaze, Sony told Famitsu that the information was an error and is incorrect. 

Speaking to Famitsu, a Sony Interactive Entertainment representative said that the target on the job listing “is not due to our description, but due to a mistake in the adoption site.”

Among other things, the job description said that the ideal candidate would be in charge of “prototype purchasing” and work “with the Design Department and the Quality Assurance Department to create PlayStation 5, which will be released in October 2020.” 

Though Sony still hasn’t officially told anyone when we can expect to hear more about the PlayStation 5, the scuttlebutt is that a PS5 reveal event will happen sometime in early June. Twitter user IronManPS5 (formerly PSErebus) has said the showcase will happen on June 2, according to his sources. 

Though IronManPS5 has been wrong about certain console details, such as when pre-orders would go live, others in the industry have echoed the alleged June reveal. Both Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier and GamesBeat’s Jeffrey Grubb have mentioned a June event, albeit at different times of the month. 

Unlike Microsoft, Sony has been relatively slow in providing information on the PlayStation 5. The Road to PlayStation 5 event held in early March shared a lot of technical information on the system, but it left many fans disappointed and wanting. Since then, we’ve learned what the PS5 controller will be called and look like, and that the system’s launch, whenever it is, shouldn’t be delayed

However, that doesn’t mean that PS5s won’t be in short supply. An April report from Bloomberg said that Sony would possibly restrict production due to the console’s projected $499-$549 price point. 

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