PUBG developers confirm changes are coming to the game's maps, although they may not be exactly what the players have uncovered.

PUBG Corp. Confirms PUBG Map Remasters Are Inbound

PUBG developers confirm changes are coming to the game's maps, although they may not be exactly what the players have uncovered.

Last week, a member of the PUBG subreddit shared a series of images detailing changes to the battle royale’s first map, Erangel. The data-mined  images, which weren’t confirmed by the PUBG team at the time, showed that the island would see increased Tier 3 loot locations and elevation changes.

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Now, some of the changes seen in those images have been confirmed by PUBG Corp. In fact, according to a post on the game’s website, the uncovered changes to Erangel are just the beginning. The company is currently working to improve all of the game’s maps as well as loot balancing.

The PUBG team plans to test the changes players have uncovered soon, although just how soon hasn’t been specified as of this writing.

The company does note that since these images have leaked, the final changes won’t likely fully represent everything the team is working on. That said, the company does believe what is in the works is fairly solidified, as the company added that it is excited for players to see what it has planned in its entirety.

When testing on the upcoming changes does begin, PUBG Corp. plans to do so in conjunction with the PUBG community, using feedback to make the map as engaging as possible.

Of course, it’s important to note that when developers tell players that leaked images are a “snapshot” of what’s being worked on, it means that there is probably more that players haven’t managed to get their hands on, and how much more is often questionable.

Taking that into account, it may mean that the leaked change plans may not even make it to live testing. The final product could be something very different.

What prompted these changes, other than making things more fun, wasn’t stated in PUBG Corp’s post.

But considering the game now has quite a bit more competition than it did when it first launched, and that a large portion of that competition is free-to-play, it’s not surprising the development team would be looking to make their game more appealing to players again.

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