Quantum Break: Included Live Action Series Interweaves With Game

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Quantum Break is an Xbox One exclusive created by Remedy, which according to their creative director Sam Lake, will include a live-action TV series shipped with the game. He continues to point out that both the game and the series are meant to be taken together. Considering this title is exclusive to the Xbox One–a console looking to be the spotlight of your entertainment dreams–combining a TV series with a game appears in step with the future Microsoft seeks.

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Players can control the way the game’s storyline pans out, but Remedy doesn’t want consumers to get the wrong idea. They state:

For us, it is much more about one powerful story told many ways based on your actions.” 

This interweaving of reality and virtual reality seems like the trend these days. The Last of Us has a live-action series created by Manifest Films entitled What Remains and also a live-action TV commercial. Defiance has centered its entire game on this concept allowing select aspects of the SyFy TV series and game to coincide. As technology and ideas grow, companies are attempting to catch our attention by the best way they know how–to immerse us into the story as closely as possible until we feel like we are the story.

And you know what? I’m not complaining.


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