Ever wish you were a SWAT team member? Well, dreams do eventually come true...

Rainbow Six: Siege – New Trailer, More Gameplay Information

Ever wish you were a SWAT team member? Well, dreams do eventually come true...

Rainbow Six: Siege was considered by some to be one of the most pleasant surprises of E3 2014. And the game is looking for more attention with the release of a new trailer, revealing more gameplay information. 

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This new trailer allows us to learn more about the operator system in the game. These are what makes any Counter Terrorist Unit – or CTU – and are chosen individually before assembling the team. But you must keep in mind: once an operator is chosen, the role will not be available for the others. 

The trailer shows the roles they play, ranging from breachers to defenders, and you have 20 to choose from, forming a total of 5 CTUs. You will be able to choose between SWAT (US), SPETZNAZ (Russia), GSG9 (Germany), SAS (UK) and GIGN (France), allowing a choice that best fits individual gamer profiles with their preferred gaming technique. 

Ubisoft has chosen a single life, no respawn gameplay that looks demanding and precise. Although the game had been announced for 2015, there is no date of release yet. Rainbow Six: Siege will be out either for the holiday season of 2015 or early 2016 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. 

Over the Rainbow

In Tom Clancy‘s book, Rainbow Six, Rainbow is the name of a Counter Terrorist Unit. The members are composed of different soldiers from different special forces from different countries, just like the choices in the game. They are a special group that is called upon for the worst of terrorist attacks. 

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