Rainbow Six: Siege Alpha Footage Leaked

Check out some multiplayer footage from the Rainbow Six: Siege alpha (before it gets taken down again).

However, in the days of YouTube, Reddit, NeoGAF, and many other online communities to share your game experiences, it is never too long before a publisher's early game footage sees the virtual light of day. This happened with Ubisoft Montreal's Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege yesterday when YouTuber, Gabriel Krieger, put his footage from the recently released closed alpha out into the ether.

As of now, the footage was removed after being posted to YouTube, Dailymotion, and France's JeuxVideo. But worry not, for the footage has been uploaded to many other services, including Blip.TV, All Games Beta, and Polygon. Take a look at the footage below:


A couple of weeks back, Ubisoft was taking sign-ups for a closed alpha. This footage is reportedly taken from that alpha. The video shows a lot that we have not seen before. Besides the new airliner map, the video shows players setting up mobile cover, blocking doorways with barriers, and the video all takes place in multiplayer, not campaign.

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Published Mar. 23rd 2015
  • Stan Rezaee
    Featured Contributor
    This game looks interesting but I still wish they didn't cancelled Rainbow Six: Patriots. That would have been one intense title that gamers would be talking about for years.
  • Nick Boisson
    Featured Contributor
    I quite agree, especially as a fan of Ubisoft Toronto. I'm hoping this game will pick up the pieces left from Patriots and make Rainbow Six a franchise worth playing again.
  • Amine _3600
    Can't wait for the game; great video!
  • Nick Boisson
    Featured Contributor
    Same here! With UbiToronto's R6: Patriots canceled a few years back (after that amazing E3 announcement video), I'm glad to see R6: Siege looking so great.

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