ESL will start their random drug testing later this month in Cologne Germany, for the world's largest CS:GO tournament.

Random drug testing for eSports, announces ESL in Europe

ESL will start their random drug testing later this month in Cologne Germany, for the world's largest CS:GO tournament.
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Professional gaming and eSports have taken steps to reform the leagues and demand random drug testing for the competitors. A major league in Europe called the Electronic Sports League announced that they will be using random drug tests for their competitions in the future.

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While ESL is only one league among many eSports organizations, many others will either follow suit or ignore the drug testing.

Drugs in eSports

Although eSports may not be part of the original sports venues, some competitors have admitted to taking prescription drugs during tournaments, which may or may not have been prescribed. Recently, after the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament held by ESL, player Cory Friesen and his team admitted to taking Adderall during a tournament they participated in. Llike many pro-athletes do in nationwide sports, even the eSports competitors are willing to risk disqualification to increase their performance.

The upcoming drug test initiative will comply with substances deemed prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency. The initiative will remain effective from the first day of the tournament throughout its duration until the last day. 

Many questions have been popping up around the drugs will be allowed in competitions: drugs prescribed by a doctor, who has given prior authorization for its usage, will be allowed. Drugs that fall under this circumstance do include Adderall and many focus-enhancing drugs that are used to treat illnesses like ADD, ADHD, Epilepsy, and others.

Whether or not the random drug testing will become a uniform requirement throughout eSports all national and international competitions, it’s a start to a worthwhile initiative to help even the playing field among the competitors. 

What do you think about random drug testing in eSports?

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