Enact your most execrable dreams in Evil Genius 2's sandbox mode, and pick up the season pass while you're at it.

Rebellion Announces Evil Genius 2 Sandbox Mode, Deluxe Edition

Enact your most execrable dreams in Evil Genius 2's sandbox mode, and pick up the season pass while you're at it.
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What’s even better than building the ultimate evil lair? Rebellion’s answer is building the ultimate evil lair that defies the laws of logic, and Evil Genius 2‘s sandbox mode encourages you to do exactly that.

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Rebellion announced sandbox mode in a new trailer and revealed Evil Genius 2‘s deluxe and collector’s editions as well.

Evil Genius 2‘s sandbox mode lifts all restrictions on lair building, making you the true master of your ignoble domain and throwing logic and practicality out the window. Torment your minions, torment your foes even more by never letting them die, and do it all without the fear of getting caught as you experiment to your depraved heart’s content.

Sandbox mode is a free mode and will be available right out of the (digital) box.

Evil Genius 2‘s deluxe edition ($59.99) offers even more wickedness for your unholy arsenal. Along with Evil Genius 2 Season One Pass it adds the Trojan Horse, Fountain of Youth, and Aurora Borealis items for use in-game.

Pass content will release in stages following Evil Genius 2‘s launch, and some of the content includes:

  • A new campaign
  • Two henchmen packs
  • Two minion packs
  • A lair item pack

Rebellion said Season One has even more to offer, and it’s a mix of free and paid content.

Finally is Evil Genius 2‘s collector’s edition, exclusive to Rebellion’s online store. It’s $84.99 and includes:

  • Evil Genius 2 on Steam
  • Season One Pass
  • Evil Genius magazine
  • Evil Genius Maximilian statue

Evil Genius 2 releases March 30 for PC via Steam. Rebellion is offering pre-order discounts on all three game versions, and if you haven’t already, check out a full 10 minutes of Evil Genius 2 in action.

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