Red Hood Blows Away Black Mask in New Arkham Knight Trailer

Jason Todd is back in town, and he looks rad as hell.
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Do you love Batman, but hate his moral aversion to lethal force? Have you ever thought to yourself, “why doesn’t Batman just kill the Joker?” Then have I got the superhero for you. Meet The Red Hood, former apprentice to the Dark Knight turned merciless vigilante. Returning to Gotham for Batman: Arkham Knight‘s pre-order DLC, Jason Todd is back from the dead and ready to paint the streets red.

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Originally the second person to use the Robin identity, Jason Todd was killed at the hands of the Joker in 1988, only to be resurrected later in 2006. As a Robin, Jason was brazen, careless, and annoying. As the Red Hood, Jason is fueled by vengeance and hateful resentment. Where Batman exercises restraint against his enemies, Jason shows no mercy.

While the Red Hood’s story DLC for Arkham Knight had already been confirmed, much of his appearance as a playable character was still uncertain. Promotional images indicated that the costume indeed had a red hood, but little else tying it to the character. Today’s gameplay trailer puts many concerns at rest, showcasing the character’s sleek crimson helmet as well as some impressive aerial gunplay. Also, upon closer inspection, you might notice that the logo on his chest isn’t a borrowed bat-symbol like the one his comic-book counterpart bears. Instead, it appears like it might be a bird, alluding more to his days as a Robin.

Jason’s ruthlessness appears to be intact as well, as the trailer showcases an apparently lethal assault against thugs from the Black Mask gang, and eventually Black Mask himself. If any of Batman’s trademark villains finally bite the bullet in Arkham Knight, you can expect Jason Todd to be the one pulling the trigger.

The Red Hood Story Pack will be available as a pre-order bonus to GameStop customers when the game launches on the 23rd. 

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