Remnant 2 Patch Notes (July 24 Update) Details Bug Fixes, VO Changes, and More

Here are the July 24 patch notes for Remnant 2.

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The first set of Remnant 2 patch notes is available. They detail bug fixes, performance improvements, and tweaks to how often the player character talks. The July 24 Early Access Hotfix notes are targeted to PC players on Steam and Epic. However, it does appear that it’s also available for console players. My PlayStation 5 version automatically updated to version 1.000.005 (752.4MB) on July 25.

Remnant 2 Patch Notes (July 24 Update)

The July 24 patch notes for Remnant 2 don’t fix too much since the game already runs and plays great on PC and console. However, they address one large concern of the community. Specifically, how much the player character talks during gameplay. It’s something my group has talked about since entering Early Access and squadding up to take on The Root. After some testing, it appears character dialog has decreased considerably. Instead of happening after every encounter, your Archetype talks every several encounters.

Beyond that, developer Gunfire Games has fixed a few progression issues. These revolve around various worlds, subareas, and puzzles. Additionally, a fix has been added for an issue with the Gunslinger engram.

PC players: Thanks so much for your feedback and support for Remnant 2 while it’s been in Early Access!  

We’ve released a hotfix to Remnant 2 for PC (Steam & Epic) with menu UI performance improvements, bug fixes and toning down the player’s voice over comments as requested by Early Access players. 

Patch notes: 

Build #: 11777430


  • Toned down the player VO comments.


  • Progression Blocker Fix for Labyrinth cinematic crashing and key not being awarded.  
  • Progression Blocker Fix for exiting out of first lab cinematic and not receiving the zone door keys.  
  • Progression Blocker Fix for Water Harp lever no longer working 
  • Progression Blocker Fix where Nightweaver Web would consume items you need for quest puzzles. If an item was consumed it should now be back in your inventory. 
  • Added fix for performance hitch leaving menu, and irregular bloom that sometimes happened when you exit menu.  
  • Added fix for starting to link the Epic account and aborting causing the link popup to appear each time you launch the game until you link.  
  • Added fix for Ultimate Edition players not receiving Gunslinger Engram in game if they didn’t start with Gunslinger. 
  • Added fix for player possibly becoming invisible when using Labyrinth portal.  
  • Added fix to prevent host’s save getting changed if they quit out the game while dead and then joined someone else’s game.
Gunfire Games (PWE_Dash)

Those are the Remnant 2 patch notes for the July 24 Early Access Hotfix for PC and console. The game is out now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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