Remnant 2: Gunslinger Archetype Class Guide

Gunslinger is one of the best class Archetypes available in Remnant 2. Here's everything you can do with it equipped.

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The Gunslinger class Archetype is one of the best available in Remnant 2, with incredible damage potential, solid armor (and fashion), and fantastic synergy with almost every other option. If you pre-ordered the game, you can choose it from the character select screen, but it’s also available in-game if you’re patient. We’ll be covering all the core elements of the Gunslinger in this guide, including its Skills, perks, traits, and general playstyle.

Remnant 2 Gunslinger Archetype Class Guide

How to Unlock the Gunslinger in Remnant 2

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There are two ways to unlock the Gunslinger in Remnant 2: have pre-ordered the game and choose it at the character creation screen, or speak to Mudtooth and Wally. The second is a bit more involved.

You need to speak to the old Mudtooth at Ward 13 and ask him to tell you stories. Mudtooth has a lot of yarns to tell and won’t be able to tell all of them from the get-go. If you reach a point where he says he needs to remember more, progressing through the campaign, then return to him and see if he has more stories. Once you have the Old Whislte, speak to Wally at the Docks for the Iron Cylinder.

At that point, you’ve unlocked the ability to equip Gunslinger whenever you like, but it will start at Rank 0, so unless you want to reroll your campaign, you’ll need to wait until you can equip a second Archetype to use it on-level. To equip a second Archetype (multi-class), you need to reach Rank 10 with your first one, as well as complete your second world. Thankfully, it takes long enough to reach Rank 10 that you’ll probably reach it shortly after your second world anyway.

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Gunslinger Skills

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Like all Archetypes, the Gunglinger comes with three core Skills that you unlock as you play. You get your first as soon as you unlock the Archetype itself, and you earn the second and third at Level 5 and Level 10, respectively. The first one you get, Quick Draw, has different effects, whether you press or hold and release the buttons. The other two activate the instant you press the button and stay up for a duration.

Each Skill has a default cooldown and will be unusable until that cooldown resets. You’ll need to be smart with how you use Skills, as they all take more than 30 seconds to recharge, and one of them, Sidewinder, takes 80 seconds without cooldown-reducing Traits.


  • Cooldown: 40 seconds.
  • Base Effect: You unload up to six critical shots from your sidearm into enemies you can see, dealing 35 base damage by default with 2x the stagger value.
  • Press Effect: Immediately fire all six shots into enemies you can see within 25 meters, with shots divided evenly between them.
  • Press and Hold Effect: Pull out a charged revolver and deliver a single, highly damaging shot when you release that combines the damage of all six shots.

Quickdraw shots can not only benefit from precision (red damage) hits, but that bonus stacks with your critical modifier, meaning you can deal bonus damage on top of whatever you deal with a precision hit.


  • Cooldown: 80 seconds.
  • Effect: Increases your Aim Down Sight movement speed and weapon draw/swap speed by 50%. Cycling through your weapons will instantly reload the one you pull out next, meaning so long as you’re constantly switching between weapons, you can shoot as much ammo as you have handy. The effect lasts 12 seconds total.

Sidewinder is a skill best used if you have a Gunslinger build that suffers from poor ammo economy — Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, and the like — and has specific effects trigger when you swap weapons. Just be careful with when and where you use the skill, as the long cooldown can be a killer.


  • Cooldown: 60 seconds.
  • Effect: Once activated, your weapon’s firerate increases by 20%, reload increases by 50%. This effect last 20 seconds. Additionaly, single-shot weapons become fully automatic, and kills instantly reload the weapon. Bows and crossbows gain 15% additional Critical Chance, and 50% increased projectile speed.

Bulletstorm is a fantastic Skill for almost any situation, despite its longer cooldown. I like to open boss fights with it to quickly burn down the boss’s health bar, and it’s great in fights where the boss is constantly spawning or otherwise surrounded by enemies.

Gunslinger Perks

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Like the rest of their kit, Gunsligner Perks are all about putting as much lead down range as possible, as quickly as possible. There’s even some extra damage thrown in for good measure.

  • Loaded (Prime Perk): After activating any Gunslinger Skill, both of their weapons immediately reload and gain infinite ammo reserves for eight seconds.
  • Swift Shot (Damage Perk): Gain 15% Fire Rate, 25% Ranged Damage, and 5% Crit Chance for all firearms. The Fire Rate and Damage bonuses increase as you level up.
  • Posse Up (Team Perk): Ammo drops award any additional 30% ammo per player in your party, split evenly among part remembers. Using Ammo Boxes causes more ammo to appear o the ground.
  • Quick Hands (Utility Perk): Your weapons have 10% increased reload speed when the magazine is empty. This bonus stacks with the Bulletstorm Skill.
  • Sleight of Hand (Relic Perk): Using any Relic immediately reloads your currently equipped firearm and increases its damage by 15% for 10 seconds.

Fully kitted, a Gunslinger can put out massive amounts of damage in a short span of time, clear entire rooms without needing to reload, and ensure the entire team has full magazines. The only main weakness is their relative squishiness, having little access to healing outside of their Relic and what few healing Mods there are.

Unique Trait Explained

  • Ammo Reserves
    • Base effect: Increases your ammo reserves by 5%.
    • Fully-upgraded (level 10) effect: Increases your ammo reserves by 50%.

There’s really nothing flashy about the Gunslinger’s Unique Trait. You just have more ammo, and let me tell you, those extra mags were absolutely essential to me getting through the campaign. I’m a stubborn person and refused to buy Ammo boxes, relying instead on ammo drops from trash mobs, and without the extra 50% in my pocket, I would have spent much longer with an empty gun than I did.

And that’s our complete overview of the Gunslinger Archetype in Remnant 2. If your main goal when playing a class-based shooter is just to shoot as much and as often as possible, there really is no substitute. It’s not the only class Archetype we’ve covered here, either, with both Handler and Medic in our R2 guides hub, as well.

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