Resident Evil RE:Verse Coming This October

The multiplayer Resident Evil game finally has a release date, though other details are still scant.

The multiplayer Resident Evil game finally has a release date, though other details are still scant.
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Those hoping for new info on Resident Evil Re:Verse finally got some as part of Capcom’s 2022 Summer Games Fest presentation. The multiplayer title for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms now has a release date: October 28, 2022. It was announced back in early 2021. Capcom notes that those who purchased Resident Evil Village will get the game for free. 

Outside of its launch date, there’s still quite a bit to learn about Re:Verse. We know it will pit players against each other in deathmatch-style battles as iconic Resident Evil characters, such as Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, Ada Wong, Jack Baker, and mercenaries.

As we’ve noted before, there will also be monsters, such as Nemesis. Fallen players will turn into various monsters and be able to attack other players, as well.  

Per Capcom:

In Resident Evil Re:Verse you can test your skills against other players in four to six-person survival horror revenge matches. Play as beloved characters from the Resident Evil series and turn the tides of battle with powerful bioweapons.

Take part in 5-minute Deathmatches, where the player with the most points wins! Use the weapons and items you find to take down even more powerful enemies!

Resident Evil Re:Verse has seen a few delays since it was announced, and it held one beta period in 2021. There’s currently no word on if another beta will be held ahead of launch. 

Capcom also announced a few other pieces of Resident Evil news at the showcase. Resident Evil: Village DLC is on the way. The developer showed off some new footage of the Resident Evil 4 remake. And three Resident Evil titles received free new-gen updates, out now. 

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