Riot Games Thanks League of Legends Fans For Participation in Refer-a-Friend Program

Riot Games talks Champion creation and other rewards for high-level referrers of League of Legends
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Five years after Riot Games released the refer-a-friend reward program for their hugely popular MOBA, League of Legends, the company finally announced intentions to reward those who referred the highest number of people. 

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Riot Games’s Reward system starts with a Forum Recruiter Badge for one referral, and goes all the way up to the 10,000 referral prize–a visit to the studio and a chance to create a new champion with Riot Games. 

According to an announcement, posted on their website earlier this week, Riot Games has worked to make sure all referrers get their rewards, but are still working on rewards for the top four levels of referrers, 500-10,000: 

“We’re nearly finished with the plaques [the reward for 500 referrals]. The wall of plaques outside the Riot PC Bang looks great and is a frequent stop on tours. We’re still naming content after players as promised…As we head into the 2015 season, we’ll be looking for more opportunities to name some more content after players and we’ll continue to do so in future seasons as well.”

Not surprisingly, the most difficult reward to deliver is the visit to Riot Games to assist in the creation of a champion. Riot admits that five years ago, they “didn’t really think through how we were going to successfully deliver the ‘develop a champion’ promise…”; however, they now have a plan to work with all the “uber-referrers” at Riot’s Thunderdome events, and then their team will work on developing the concept. 

Hopefully League of Legends referrers can look for more on these changes in the coming year. Riot Games certainly seems committed to making sure everyone gets the rewards they deserve, stating that “It might’ve taken five years, but we’re gonna do it right.” 

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