Roblox just keeps on growing, and for a short time, players can get a free in-game item to commemorate the milestone.

Roblox Passes Another Milestone with Over 100 Million Monthly Users

Roblox just keeps on growing, and for a short time, players can get a free in-game item to commemorate the milestone.

Roblox Corporation recently announced yet another major milestone for its sandbox game Roblox. After a slow start in its first few years, Roblox now has more than 100 million users actively playing the game each month.

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For reference, Roblox Corporation says the number of users is more than the populations of Tokyo, Shanghai, and Delhi combined.

In honor of the achievement, and in keeping with previous celebrations, Roblox Corporation is offering the Gold Row item free for a limited time. You can find it here until August 15.

It’s a big milestone for any online game, one Apex Legends and Fortnite didn’t surpass back in their heydays. However, considering Roblox could only boast a handful of players for several years after it launched, this current milestone signifies a great deal of growth in recent years.

In fact, it’s gained about 30 million new users in just the past year. Gamasutra reported that Roblox had 70 million monthly users in September with roughly 10 billion hours of engagement every month. The user number climbed to 90 million in April 2019 after Roblox Corporation added French and German language support.

Roblox Coporation didn’t provide any speculation about why the game has suddenly grown so much. However, it does suggest that growth is connected to increasing awareness of the game, the fact that it’s available on a global scale and on a variety of devices, and a renewed interest in similar games, such as Minecraft

Like Minecraft, Roblox has also developed its own self-perpetuating user base, with dedicated Roblox development studios and communities further spreading the word about the platform and keeping it alive.

Yet its popularity can likely be attributed to providing a fairly safe environment for the 13-18 age range — the game’s target audience — to be creative and learn from others playing the game.

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