Roche Fusion Is Looking For Players For Latest Closed Beta

Roche Fusion (arcade space shoot 'm up) is looking for betatesters!

Roche Fusion (arcade space shoot 'm up) is looking for betatesters!
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Editors Note: This beta-tester call is being put out by the developer, who is not directly associated with GameSkinny. This job posting is not put up by GameSkinny or any of our sister companies.

Hardcore gamers, indie gamers, casual games, shooter fans, retro lovers, everybody is welcome. Roche Fusion is looking for everyone who loves to try a new game and is willing to give serious feedback.

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As many already know, Roche Fusion has striven for open development from the very start of the project. The mantra “by gamers, for games, with gamers” now results in an open call for the closed beta. Everybody is welcome to enter; all they have to do is give a proper motivation of why they want to join.

The Journey so Far

For the past year the independent developers of Amulware have been working on Roche Fusion, an all you can shoot buffet. Roche Fusion is a retro, 2-dimensional, space arcade shooter with a modern touch. It takes the classic gameplay we all know and adds procedural gameplay, a regenerative shield and lots of explosions.

Last February (2014) the open beta version was made available as a free download from the Roche Fusion website. This trial version of the game was received with much enthusiasm.

The Roche Fusion team used this open beta to actively look for feedback, find out what players want, generate ideas and improve gameplay.

Closed Beta

Roche Fusion is now entering the final stages of development. For this final stretch the Roche Fusion team has decided to go into closed beta. In the closed beta it is possible to work in close collaboration with the players. Feedback on new features can be given directly as they are tried and tested by players.

We are offering the people in our closed beta the latest versions of the game to play around with and close interaction with the developers and fellow players. Most of all we are offering players an opportunity to have an actual influence on the game to make it as awesome as possible.

Anyone that wants to help with their ideas, suggestions and questions is very welcome! To enter the closed beta (or for more information about Roche Fusion) players can visit The free open beta version is also still available on our website for players that want to give the game a quick try.


If you want to meet the developers of Roche Fusion in person, they will be visiting GamesCom. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] beforehand to make sure to run into them.

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