Rumors Suggest New Resident Evil “Biggest Departure” in Series History

A new Resident Evil game is reportedly set for 2021 with some big changes from what we're used to.

A new Resident Evil game is reportedly set for 2021 with some big changes from what we're used to.

Resident Evil 3 remake is out in just a few days, but we know that’s not the only Resident Evil game Capcom has in the works. We know Resident Evil 8 is probably coming at some point, plus a potentially different project as well, and a prominent RE leaker says it’s different from anything we might have expected.

Aesthetic Gamer, aka Dusk Golem (aka Ryan of Yai Gameworks), says it’s the biggest departure we’ve yet seen for Resident Evil. The game is set for a 2021 launch, with more inside info reportedly coming in April from a different source. 

It’s allegedly been in development since 2016, is reportedly high-quality, and will supposedly make a lot of people “pissed off” when it’s revealed. However, Aesthetic Gamer encourages everyone to be open-minded about it. It’s reportedly not a remake and is said to forego going the Resident Evil 8 moniker.

Of course, the first thing that springs to mind with a departure from the norm is those rumors we heard a while back about castles, werewolves, and Ethan’s story continuing.

However, they remind everyone that their information is fragmented, and anything is subject to change while development is ongoing. In other words, it’s intriguing, but keep your salt handy just in case you need to pinch it.

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