The Shadow Warrior 3 weapon trailer gives us a look at a handful of the game's deadly weapons.

Shadow Warrior 3 Weapon Trailer Introduces Your Bloodthirsty Sidekicks

The Shadow Warrior 3 weapon trailer gives us a look at a handful of the game's deadly weapons.
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Devolver Digital released a new Shadow Warrior 3 trailer showcasing some of the best Shadow Warrior 3 weapons in all their gory glory ahead of the game’s release later in 2021.

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First up is the Crimson Bull, a massive shotgun-style weapon that obliterates anything in front of it. The Crimson Bull also gets a sucker punch upgrade, adding a homing bullet that seeks foes out to deliver an extra fist full of punishment.

The Outlaw is a fast-firing revolver weapon that doesn’t deal as much damage but is handy in tight places when used with melee attacks — and even handier with its Igniter upgrade that adds flames to every round. There’s also the Poppin’ Heads upgrade that, well… pops heads. A lot.

The trusty Sidekicks pistols let you dual-wield your way to victory with add-ons that include paralysis shots. Finally is the Dragontail, a large katana designed for one thing and one thing only: slicing your enemies to pieces.

If you haven’t caught up with the latest Shadow Warrior 3 news, check out the most recent gameplay trailer.

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